Get Set Camp

Let’s light a bonfire. Let’s sleep under the stars
Let’s get lost into the wild

Driven by the passion for travel and outdoors, and the love for experience-sharing, Get Set Camp aims to promote adventure travel in India, the form of camping. Camping and adventure activities are not as popular in India as in the west. The primary reasons being the lack of access to exotic locations that are safe for camping and absence of information and on-ground experience. We wish to put these hurdles to flame, and get more people to embrace the outdoors and savour the camping experience by making it available for one and all in a fun, hassle-free and economical way.

The Camping Experience

A day spent camping is a chance to enjoy the outdoors in all its simplicity, and unwind at exceptionally beautiful natural locations in the heart of a delightful region that is just waiting to be explored.

Camping allows you to follow your desire for escape. It brings about a refreshing change of lifestyle that is more in rhythm with nature. It helps you discover the simple joys of living under the stars with your loved ones in a serene and tranquil environment. There is no thing more liberating and relaxing as camping!

Making a Positive Impact
In Local Communities

Camping not only serves as a getaway for the camper but also creates economical opportunities for communities in remote areas. We combine humanitarian work with camping and provide the locals an opportunity to be more self-reliant and grow. We work with the cordial and welcoming locals in every region. All meals at the campsite are prepared by them to give our campers the authentic taste of a local village cuisine. They serve it with their secret ingredient – love and hospitability!

Sustainable Tourism

At Get Set Camp, we strive to encourage campers to adopt the “Leave No Trace” principle and want more and more people to practice responsible camping.

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