We are thrilled for the season and all the amazing things that are happening around the city. It is monsoon and nothing excites us more than going out for a good camping experience. Get Set Camp is all enthu-cutlet and there are so many opportunities for you to join us on these jolly journeys. If you are not already convinced enough, here are our reasons why monsoon is our season for camping:

Wet more, Sweat less

We want it to rain while we’re out at it. It is just so much more fun now than being around in the open while its summer. No summers mean no sweat (well, for some!). And no sweat is equal to many strains out of our minds. There will be no time or fear of not smelling good enough or the sweat patches making their way through our t-shirts.

The Greys and the Greens

The landscape everywhere will be at the peak of its beauty. The colours pop out like a piece of modern art. And there is so much scope for photography in monsoon. Whether you’re  a professional or an amateur, the pictures are sure to be good.

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Vitamins in Place

As we all know the sun sucks out our vitamins and hence making us weaker and dull. But now that there will be little or no sun, our vitamins stay in place and we continue to have our energy at its peak. Even if something does go wrong, a sniff of fresh air with the elixir of soil and rainwater will fill us up with vigour.

Perfect Setting

You could be on a date with your special someone or just with your favourite book; the weather, the tent, nature and you There is nothing that could possibly go wrong here.

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So, are you convinced or are you convinced?

Thoughts on “Why Monsoon is our Favourite Season for Camping”

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