Our last blog was for all the people who could make the most out of their camping trip with some cool photo ideas. If you are a photographer or a photography enthusiast, this one is for you. Not that you will run out of ideas, but we are here to save you some time. Here are our top four picks that you can try with your DSLR’s and tripods:

Star Trails

Set up your camera and open the exposure to capture night sky full of stars. This is the best memory you can possibly hoard because this is not something the concrete jungles ever offer. Depending on your camera, you can either set it on for a long star trail or just capture the night sky and stars. 

Light Painting

Image source: lightpaintingphotography.com

You can create wonderful images with the designs you wish to create with just a flashlight and your camera. This one is in vogue. If you have ever wished to create a picture perfect light painting, this is your chance. 

Time lapse

Image source: Webneel.com

This one is for those who want to create something with the good amount of effort. Since you are in the midst of beautiful natural landscapes for a long time, you can do wonders with your frames.

Lens Tricks

Image source: Pinterest

You can actually click macro images just by detaching your standard lens and holding it in front of the camera. Or try manipulating colours in your picture with some gelatin papers. You could also get a natural blur just by applying some vaseline on a transparent sheet on your lens. Go on and explore more such lens tricks while you are at it.

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