Lonavala: the place Mumbaikars and Punekars swear by. For every big and small celebration or getaway, this is the first place that comes to our mind. This is probably the only place that has managed to get an entire Facebook page dedicated to memes on it. There is so much hype about it everywhere. And it all seems valid, because we really swear by Lonavala.

One might wonder, what do we do every time visiting the same old place? But hey, let us enlighten you:

Hunt for the REAL Maganlal Chikki

When you hear Chikki, you think Maganlal. Its popularity has led to a lot of shops with the same name. There are streets where you will find more Maganlal shops than people. So the next time you have some time in hand, go and hunt for the original one.

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Adventure Sports

While in Lonavala, it is a must to get your adrenaline rush kicked in. You can head to the Della Adventure Park and try some of the coolest adventure sports. The ATV rides are the popular most. If that seems too much, Adlabs Imagica is also an option. It is an amusement park and has something to suit everyone’s taste.

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Horseback Riding

Lonavala has horseback rides in most of the tourist locations. The charges are minimal and the experience is enjoyable. They name their horses after famous Bollywood celebrities. So if you ride along Hrithik or Shahrukh, don’t be surprised.

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Visit Caves

This place houses some of the coolest caves in the vicinity. Karla and Bhaja caves are the most known. These caves date back to the 2nd century. It is architectural marvel. It is open for all, it is picturesque and it is interesting.

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Take a Trek/Camp

There are multiple locations where you can go for a trek or a camp. You could either go independently or take help from professional. Some of the famous spots are: Rajmachi, Lohagad and Tikona fort.

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Maybe now you are convinced. Every time when we visit Lonavala, we do have more than the usual things to do.

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