The entire idea of camping revolves around persevering through new experiences and challenges. And there is no going back once you are there. So, it is better to be prepared than to regret. Remember, a well-prepared person can rarely go wrong. Here are the 10 Essential Things to Carry for Camping:

1. Swiss Army Knife

It might take you a while to figure the uses for everything that is contained in it. But honestly, you should never go for any adventure without the swiss army knife. With the advances in technology, it has come to be more useful than ever. Some swiss knives have started to incorporate LED lights and clocks in it too.

2. Flashlights/ Extra Batteries

The sun will not always shine and nor will the moon. There is a possibility that even the fire will burn out too. Therefore, be sure to carry torches or flashlights, and in case you are depending on your phones then be very sure to carry power banks and extra batteries for all.

3. Ropes

As odd as it may sound, ropes are kind of necessary. They could come handy in various ways. Like, using it for your tent, tying things together, or even having to save someone, like it happens in the movies.

4. Maps and Compass

If you are headed on an adventure camp, there are chances you will have no one to explain to you the directions or routes. If you are dependent on cellular networks, it is important to know that most nature sights are devoid of such networks.

5. Tarps

There can never be anything more important than tarps. In monsoon, it will protect you from rain, and in sunny days, it’ll come handy as a shade.

6. Matches/ Lighters

There is a great amount of possibility we didn’t pay attention in the science class in school. Therefore, we cannot light fire using the minimal. Match sticks are sure to come handy.

7. Energy Bars

When we are out in the open, there will be little or no eatables. That’s when you can snack on the bars and get instead energy boost.

The following do not even require any description or second thoughts. So, try not forgetting it.

8. First Aid Kit

9. Water

10. Extra Clothing and Sanitizer

Now you’re all set for camping!

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