Did you just spend your last vacation out in the open? Were you day dreaming of you can make better use of time on your text trip? Are you a camping – addict? Read on to find out.

Every place that’s not out in the open is claustrophobic for you.

You have been so used to the idea or actually sleeping out in the open by the mountains, valleys, and lakes that a room makes you feel claustrophobic.

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Home is where the tent is

It is not when you come back from work to a well-cooked meal but breathing the wild free air that makes you feel at home.

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Sleeping bags have become more comfortable than beds

You probably know the pros and the cons of sleeping on something that’s not your regular bed and mattress. And you have come to not only accept it but also enjoy it. You probably also own a sleeping bag for every season.

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You have space taken up just by camping gear

You have been camping out so much that half of your closet is filled with clothes, gears, and shoes that you use for camping. Maybe you have also run out of space for all the other ‘normal everyday things.’

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Your bucket list is full of camping destinations

If you have a bucket list or a Pinterest board (to be honest) which is filled with places to go to, camping recipes and camping hack for your future you are sure to be an addict.

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