It’s camping season once again! So just put on your summer hat and head out to that surreal location with friends for a thrilling experience. But before you do that, keep these 5 fabulous camping hacks in mind to make your experience stress-free and fun!


  1. Tic tac for your spices

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Instead of carrying several massive condiment containers, fill up a few empty tic tac boxes with all those spices than you need while cooking.


  1. Light up your tent

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Light up your tent by strapping a headlamp to a gallon jug. Both are relatively cheap and can be found at any store selling camping equipment. This is a great hack for those late night talks or reading.


  1. Keep those insects away

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Instead of buying a chemically infused insect repellent, use one that is made of natural ingredients. Make a small quantity by mixing 10-25 drops of essential oils like cinnamon/castor oil with 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil or alcohol.


  1. Mark your trail

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If you are planning to go on a trek, carry a bright coloured biodegradable tape to mark your trail. You can find these biodegradable tapes at stores selling camping or stationary supplies.


  1. Sleep comfortably

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Instead of waking up to an aching back, use a foam pad on the floor of the tent for a comfy sleep. These foam pads are reasonably priced and are available on e-commerce websites. Use brightly coloured foam pads to spruce up your tent’s interiors!

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