With the constant showers enchanting the Earth with their charm and beauty, no season except monsoon can be better to savour the essence of nature. Although camping in monsoon is the road less taken, it is certainly the kind of experience you might not want to miss. The camping experience in monsoon is unmatchable due to the cool ambiance that surrounds the camping spots and the overall breathtaking weather.

Proximity to Nature

The fog descends upon the peaks of the mountains; the mist covers the roads like a blanket; and the fresh water droplets hang over each leaf—that’s how a typical day in the monsoon season seems like. Camping in weather such as this will take you closer to the natural beauty of our planet, away from the chaos and pollution of cities.

A Unique Kind of Adventure

Camping in monsoon is an unusual adventure because you cannot be sure about the weather. For some hours, it can be shiny; for the rest of the day, it can be clouded. The tapping of the rain and the loud whooshing sounds of the winds are enough to give you incessant thrill and goosebumps.

Dynamic Outdoor Activities

The adrenaline rush gained from the adventure activities during monsoon cannot be measured. Be it playing a usual game under rain or pursuing an adventure sport, monsoon enhances the fun. While it is to be made sure that the games played are safe, all the outdoor enthusiasts certainly enjoy the pleasure derived from such activities.

Bonfire Sessions with Delicious Food

Nothing makes rains more delightful than some delectable food items to increase amusement and fun. During the monsoon, the nights turn cold. It is immensely gratifying to have bonfire sessions during monsoon as the chilly winds nibble on your cheeks. And if the rain comes as a guest, you can dance your heart out, sing songs and eat something good to make your trip memorable.

Thought on “What’s camping in monsoon like?”

Monica Sharma · August 9, 2018 at 7:48 am

Great article. Camping has always been a fun trip for me and my friends as we can live in a tent which is a unique experience and cook food on a bonfire and various other fun activities to do. Keep sharing such posts.

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