A one. A two. A three. Let’s all camp under an old tree. Forget visiting fancy cities and shopping the same brands over and again, it is time that we realize that true adventure lies in swimming in rivers you have never swam in, climbing mountains you never step foot on, eating dishes you only read about on social media handles and sleeping under the stars you rarely count now. In brief, adventure is camping! So we have a list of 10 best places in India where you should consider setting a camp :

1. Rishikesh

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Very rightly said, ” These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” Go camping in the hills of Rishikesh while you unburden yourself from all the worries of this world. Rishikesh is situated in northern part of India on the foothills of Himalayas. What could you possibly want more? This location is a popular pilgrim destination for Hindus, and camping here will give you positive vibes.

2. Pushkar, Rajasthan

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How long has it been since you took a camel ride beside the lake? If it has been long, then head to Pushkar! This is one of the most famous camping destinations of the country. Bonfires in the Pushkar camp is extremely soothing as you breathe above the cold sand.

3. Spiti Valley

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Thrill seekers, kindly head here! This exotic camping location lies in the Keylong district of Himachal Pradesh and is an attractive destination for trekkers and of course, photographers. The best time to put up tents in Spiti Valley issummers.

4. Mussoorie

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Everyone has heard of Mussoorie, right? This site is actually one of the most pursued camping and tourist locations of India. Your parents, your grandparents and probably you, have all once visited this beautiful place. The best time to camp here is from March to June.

5. Anjuna

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What if you experience both the party life of Goa and the camp life beside the Goan beaches at the same time? Well, yes, you can have the good of both the worlds when you decide to camp in Anjuna. While you go camping in Anjuna, do not forget to check out the flea markets.

6. Chamba

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Although Chamba is not that well explored, this place in Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer. The weather is great all day and god if it rains! This hill station is fully under arrest of Pahadi women making momos and Maggi. You have to try them on your way there.

7. Kasol

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Speaking on behalf of all people living in Delhi, Kasol is the ultimate escape from all the troubles of the world. Well, escape from reality to be precise. Pick up your ruck sacks and board that bus to Kasol, for what happens in Kasol, stays in Kasol.

8. Sonamarg

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The snowy mountains and the sparkling Sindh Sagar at Sonamarg makes it a potential life changing camp site. This beautiful place in Srinagar opens its arms to all those who have had enough of the polluted world and would really want to feel what its like to breathe! So go sing at bonfires while you plug-in to rejuvenation at Sonamarg.

9. Kaudiyala

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If you plan to take a trek to Kedernath any soon, do not at any means forget to stop at this amazing camping site, Kaudiyala! Located between the dense jungles of Uttaranchal, this campsite gives you a view of the river Ganga.

10. Ladakh


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Well Ladakh. Of course, Ladakh! We kept this for the last so as to tell you that at the end of all successful camps, you will miss Ladakh the most and at the end of all cancelled camps, you will regret Ladakh, the most. There are endless chilled lakes that you can raft in and endless alluring mountains that you can trek. We suggest you to take a trip to Ladakh at least once in your lifetime.


Now that you have the list, back your bags and Get Set Camp!


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