Trekking in monsoon can be a daring and fulfilling experience. But if proper precautions are not taken, it can prove to be treacherous as well. During the monsoon, the weather turns cold, as fog envelops the surroundings. But besides the beauty, the trekking routes provide challenges, too, because the land turns slippery and the weather becomes unpredictable. Here are some handy tips for everyone who is planning to trek in monsoon.

Always Carry a Good Pair of Shoes

A successful trek is impossible without a good pair of shoes. Go for the shoes that offer strong grip and are waterproof. The last thing you want is a soaked pair of shoes as you trip and stumble your way up to the destination.

Never Forget a Raincoat

A raincoat made up of good material can play a significant role in preventing water from wetting you. While there are some cheap raincoats available in market, but they tear up easily. So, always go for a good raincoat or windcheater that prevent both rain and wind from invading your clothes.

Always Check The Weather Conditions Before Heading Out

During the monsoon, the probability of landslides increases. So, it’s wise to check the weather conditions and talk to locals about the current weather scenario before heading out. In fact, avoid trying new trails during the rains and always go with the try and tested routes.

Keep Your Backpack light But Carry Your Food and Water Bottle

It is important to keep your bag light. During the rains, it becomes burdensome to manage your raincoat and soaked socks. A heavy backpack should never become a part of your list of worries! But don’t forget to carry your own food and water bottle to stay energetic and hydrated.

Start Out Early in the Morning

It is preferable to start your trek early in the morning. During the monsoon season, the weather changes exponentially, so the evenings turn dark sooner. It is better to trek in the daylight and to take a rest during the nighttime.


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