With the foggy routes, hazy views and cold temperature, monsoon can be the best time to unleash the artist inside you and practice your photography skills in the open. Be it clicking an inspiring picture for Instagram or creating an exceptional portfolio, monsoon season can help you to stretch your creative muscles. If you are planning to explore in monsoon, here are some photography ideas that will help you to express your inner thoughts and ideas with the help of nature.


Every monsoon photography is incomplete without clicking the wide landscape view. Capturing the rising fog, wet roads and grayish skies bring out the beauty of the resplendent nature straight into the picture. Landscape photography is not simple, as you have to observe the position of the clouds and angles at which the picture stands out.

Reflection In Water

As water gets collected on the road, despite the inconvenience, it presents a great opportunity to click a creative picture. Simply adjust your camera’s settings, and set it at the correct angle. As the subject’s image is reflected in the water, click it. These kinds of pictures allow your creativity to shine.


As the water droplets scroll down the glass windows, the view on the outside gets out of focus, creating the perfect bokeh for your picture. You have to set your camera and click the picture with the water droplets as the main subject of your focus.

Capturing Streets

Go out in the streets during the rain and take your camera along. The streets provide the perfect playing ground for your photographs. The streets glitter like silver during the rain, as the hasty steps of the people and the glowing yellow lights of vehicles pack the streets.

Focusing on an Object

During the rains, the water droplets stick on various objects and gleam like pearls. Focus your camera on a particular object and capture it along with the sticking drops. While you focus on the subject, let the background blur which would allow the subject to pop out.

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