The sea is calling and I must go.

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable and adventurous water sports in the world. I mean, come on! Literally, it is walking on water. Surfers around the world know only one language – the language of the waves. We at Get set Camp encourage you to try surfing once in your lives. When in India, do try to fulfill your dream of surfing by enrolling yourself in one of the following surfing clubs.

  • The Mantra Surf Club –  This surfing club is located in Karnataka and tops our list because this is where you get the best surfing training. In the words of the founders of the club, Jack Hebner and Rick Perry, “It’s not just about catching the waves. It’s more than that, its a spiritual experience.”  India got seven of its surfers from this club.  The training is done in 3-days and 5-days lesson packages.  It is safe and fun. Go for it.

  • Kovalam Surf Club – This club amalgamates the idea of community development with surfing and has a lot of positivity to offer.  Their main idea is to ensure that poor children get their right to education. The golden rule in this club is – “No school, no surfing.”  This club is located in Kovalam, Kerela. Go there to rebuild your belief in goodness and of course to rejuvenate at the sea.

  • Mumu Surf School –  This is a fully-functioning school for children and young adults living near the location of the club. Mumu is the founder of the club and apart from being a passionate surfer, he is also a ISA instructor, PADI Divemaster and Rescue Scuba Diver. This club is located in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. This club is a must visit.

So come on guys! Get, set Ca..Surf!

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