Himachal Pradesh is the home of snow; the land of Gods. There is no season other than winters that bring out the beauty of this Himalayan region, causing a new-found freedom and enthusiasm to spring out of you. But do you know that Himachal Pradesh is as beautiful for camping as it is for trekking? Here are some breathtaking locations in Himachal Pradesh for camping in winter.

Prashar Lake, Mandi

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Most of the people visit Prashar lake during the summers, but the place takes up a different demeanor during the winters. As the white blanket of snow covers the land, the lake and the nearby Temple of Parashara Rishi, the place looks straight out of a fairytale book. Albeit chilly, camping at Prashar Lake would take you away from the humdrum of your life.

Triund Hill, Dharamshala

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Triund Hill is one of the most famous campsites at Himachal Pradesh. Simply because it is easily accessible by beginners after a trek of 5-6 hours. The entire route gets covered with snow during the winters, and it gets slippery. So, only the adventurers dare to go up to the hill and savor the tranquility of the Dhauladhar ranges. At night the temperature falls exponentially, but all the stars come out to give you company.

Kheergana, Parvati Valley

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Kheerganga becomes Heaven during the winters. Unlike the hustle and bustle of tourists during the summers, winters are quiet and peaceful at Kheerganga. The path becomes challenging due to being covered with snow. Once you reach at Kheerganga, take in the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Sangla, Kinnaur

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Kinnaur’s temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius during the winters. Cold winds ensue, as the trees get bared and then snowflakes cover them. Kinnaur is among the unexplored regions of Himachal Pradesh. A direct bus from Shimla would take you to this quaint town. You can set your camps at Sangla and inhale the cleanliness and serenity of the nature.

Solang Valley, Manali

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Solang Valley becomes lively during the winters due to various adventure activities like skiing and paragliding that begin there. Solang Valley is the perfect mixture of adventure and comfort, as you can easily reach there by road and pitch your camps there, amidst the snow-covered mountains.

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