Not one single camp is complete without lighting a bonfire. I mean ain’t it obvious that camps have to have bonfires? You say camp, I hear ghost stories and music by the bonfire under the stars. Now, professional camp instructors already know the procedure of lighting a bonfire, but, if you are taking an independent trip, you must know the proper method on how to light it. So, we give you certain tips on how to light a bonfire like a pro.

  • Gather your pre-requisites – It is vital that you collect the required products before taking the trip itself. While packing, do not forget to keep a match box or a lighter. The source of fire is obviously the most important thing you would need to light a bonfire.

  • Collect Tinder-  Tinder the main part of the bonfire since it enumerates the fire from itself to the rest of the bunch. Tinder catches fire faster and burns for a long period of time. Some sources of tinder include- paper, dry leaves, pine pitch and fire sticks.

  • Gather Kindling – Since Tinder may sometimes burn out fast, we need kindling. The bunch is usually made up of small twigs and branches but other sources may include – cardboard, small pieces of wood fuzz sticks.

  • Know your wood-  While collecting wood, make sure that you choose the ones which snap and break easily. Don’t take wood which bends easily else all you will get is smoke in the name of a perfect evening. Always go for dry wood since it burns the best.

  • Setting up the bonfire carefully – When you finally have all the requirements , start with the process of laying the fire. Firstly, clear at least a circular area of 4 feet so that when it burns, the residuals popping out of it does not hurt anyone. There should be a good distance between people and the bonfire. Further, construct a ring of stones after digging the fire pit with a shovel. The stones would help ignite fire faster and longer. Then place your kindling on the pit. Further, put the tinder above the kindling.

  • Give your bonfire a shape – You can give it three shapes – build a teepee; set up a pyramid or; construct a log cabin. The tepee is the perfect shape for an evening bonfire when you are hanging out with your friends trying to surpass the cold together. A log cabin is the best for cooking food which obviously you eventually have to do in a camp.

Now, just light that baby up and you have your dreamy night sorted. Also, we almost forgot to mention, take your guitar along. A bonfire always expects some songs, some music and a lot of happiness.

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