Hello, Summer!

I​t’s that time of the year when the days are longer, the weather is better, and the flashbacks of our childhood summer breaks are always afloat. In spite of the immense heat, this season is the most activity-friendly of all. As we all know, summer isn’t summer without a good ol’ fashioned beach visit. But hey, there’s more to it. From camping to kayaking, here is a compiled list of some fun-filled activities and offbeat ways to have fun in the sun.

1. Fishing Trip

Escape the busy city life and engage in the joyous village activities of fishing in the pond, eating your fresh catch, riding buffaloes in the river, and finding a serene spot for an afternoon nap.

A fishing trip in the outskirts of Mumbai offers the best combination of leisure and adventure, in the village style. Blue bulb organises day long fishing trip at an agro-farm with huge ponds, where fishes are bred.

2. Bicycle Ride

With no bad weather to obstruct your path, summer is the right time to rent a bicycle and head straight to the mountains. A bicycle ride or mountain biking will not only satiate your adrenaline thrill, but also bring you the needed peace of mind.

The mountains are calling, you must go!

3. Beach Camping and Water Sports

Upgrade your beach visit to a complete adventure outing by camping on the beach and adding water sports to your day plan. Located at an uncrowded beach, Paradise Beach Camp by Getsetcamp is THE place for amazing beach escapade. Tents on the beach, hammocks with sunset view, BBQ, home-cooked meals, what’s not to like about this place.

Besides, water is the best way to beat the heat.

4. Kayaking

To really get the feel of summer break, one-day picnic to a picturesque location, is not enough. Opt for overnight camping and enjoy the nature to the fullest. The ideal locations for camping at this time are lakes, plus wouldn’t it be great if you could kayak in the lake too? It’s possible! You can go for kayaking, swim in the water, roast barbeque, and sleep under the clear, starry skies and wake up to valley view near Mumbai. Check the Secret Lakeview Camp for more details.

5. Night Parasailing

This activity makes you see things from a different view, literally. Towed by the boat, soar high towards the sky and feel the ethereal rush. But, something even better is parasailing under the stars in Mumbai, watching the queen’s necklace at Marine Drive from above. Exciting!

6. Seaplane

Seaplane in Mumbai? Yes! India’s first seaplane service, Mehair, has started in Mumbai. They have added many accessible destinations around Mumbai in their plan. However, for now, the bookings are only open for Juhu-Lonavala (pawana) flights. Ditch your usual road trip journey and be one of the few who know what it is like to travel in a floatplane. A true add on would be staying at Pawana Lake campsite, and having two fantastic experiences in the same weekend.

7. Hot Air Balloon

We all have seen hot air balloons flying high in the skies, on Discovery channel, of course. How about having a first-hand experience of the same, finally! Hot air balloon rides are organised at Mumbai’s favourite weekend getaway destination Lonavala. This activity is quite dependent on weather conditions. For clear skies, best view, perfect winds and no obstructions, summer seems to be the best time. Also, the organisers go on a sabbatical in monsoons. Make it on time, before the summer rolls out!

By the way, singing to Summer of 69 or binge-watching movies like 500 days of summer doesn’t count. So, don’t just laze around at home. Embrace the outdoors, and enjoy the sun-kissed summer!

What’s your favourite offbeat summer activity? Share it with us in the comments below.

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